Delete unused Section Tag

Hi, I am trying to delete an unused Section Tag (not Section Type!) in Revit but the Purge doesn’t seem to detect it.
I have tried accessing the Family Type with Dynamo, but none of the nodes I tried (to pull out all the system families) seem to be able to pick up the “Section Tag” system family.
Has anybody got any idea if and how deleting the family could be achieved with Dynamo?

The Family Type can be accessed through the Type Properties of the Detail View System Family

Or via Additional Settings > Section Tags

Thanks in advance for your help!

Never mind, I found the solution and it was easier than I thought :sweat_smile:
It looks like there is one Section Tag Type that can’t be deleted in Revit (only renamed) and I was trying to delete exactly that one.
If I make the other 2 types unused, then they come up under Purge > Other Styles > Section Tag and can be deleted