Delete sheets based on multiple parameter values

I’m trying to delete sheets based on multiple values for a single parameter. I can get it to delete all sheets with one value or all sheets that don’t have that value, but I can’t figure out how to get an “or” condition to work. The parameter name is “Sheet Discipline”. Let’s say I want to delete all sheets that don’t have STRUCTURAL or GENERAL for the Sheet Discipline parameter? How do I get that result? The screen capture shows what I have so far. As it shows, it will delete all sheets without STRUCTURAL as the parameter value.

Thank you.

You could create a list with the parameters you need and set lacing in == to longest, like so:

Hi @Jason_Seck ,

design script syntax for “or” is " || " :

there is an ootb “or” node but I can’t get it to work with lists …

You’re right, and I totally forgot that results with == were inaccurate. I usually prefer List or String Contains for that kind of tasks:

Thank you both for your help! I was able to get it working. I’ll share my completed script when it’s finished.

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