Formulas driving text strings on sheets

OK I’m curious to see if DYN can help me add a string of text on a sheet that can be controlled by a Yes/No parameter and then have the Yes/No parameter pull the correct value(discipline) from the discipline parameter in an RVT file?

I have 7 different disciplines and I wanted to have a parameter that will change the sheet discipline on all sheet per what view is placed on the sheet automatically…

Or if anyone has a previous topic/post I can start from there because I’m really new to dynamo in general so I’m just trying to find ways to incorporate Dynamo with Revit in my office.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michael,

Do you already added Yes/No 7 disciplines Parameters to sheets/Title block?

To set Yes/No values to your sheets you can use values as (1 is Yes and 0 is No) or you can also use Boolean node (True is Yes and False is No) using “Element.SetParameterNode”

It will be better if you can drop here images or files.

Does it have to be a yes/no? Why not just a string?