Delete Input Data of Nodes like Select Model Element

Dear Developers!
Through my work, I just run into a small user interface issue.
I grouped a bunch of Select Model Element Nodes to catch elements. After that a list is created and the hole fun starts (is the selected model element empty and unique …)

Now to the wish.
I am missing the option to delete the data, which I input into the node. I want to “delete” the input. No element should be selected any more.

I know, I can delete and create a new node. Or I open another file without this element placed.
But, I created a group for better documentation and do not like to delete the group and regroup the nodes.
Simplest way, property → delete Input data and tadaaa, it is empty.

Would be nice, if it can be implemented. Would save time, keeps setup code layout and it is a very cool function (looking to grasshopper)


P.s.: I couldn’t find a related topic, so here it is.

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Can you not better try to select a new element and select nothing in the model? This results in the “nothing selected” message for the Select model element node?

I checked it out. I got an element selected. Clicked at change, went to Revit, tried to select nothing, didn’t work. Once an element is selected, I can only reselect another element. The previous selected element is still selected.

How to get rid of the data in an input node? I am still for the possibility of a new property setting, which makes the function available.

Thanks for your response.

Aah my method only works for Select Model Elements (Multiple). Maybe they will implement your suggestion but you can also make a Dynamo Extension which does this.

You can use Dynamo player

It sounds like you want to flush the selection data each time rather than have it stored between runs?

Springs Package has a collection of selection nodes with ‘reset’ inputs that take a Boolean True/False. If you toggle the boolean it’ll refresh your selection.

Yes, I want to flush selected data input (select model element [single]) from time to time. I would like to keep the script layout as it is and only tell my client to flush / delete the input data of an input node (select model element) of dynamo.

The client likes to analyse variants of object visibility. For this, I like to have an easy “unselect” data function in a input node to select more or less observer. And I have to admit, I would like not to do it in that particular script which I am working on, quite often I create lists and want more or less data in that list without deleting and creating new “select model element” nodes.

And I also would like to stay as much as possible with the “default” nodes of dynamo.

The script cannot run inside the dynamo player, because of one of our nodes does fancy stuff.

Unfortunately, I cannot ask the client to install many useful packages because of security concerns. I am already happy, that they can use our package and install a dynamo update (just took 3 weeks).

I am already happy, that the client can open dynamo and stay in the given work flow and work environment. :slight_smile:

Keeping it within the constraints of base Dynamo and no-Dynamo Player is indeed challenging, but based on your statement about the time needed to update a package I can understand the push to keep this low-customization.

The only thing I can think of right now would be to add a RemoveItematIndex step. Let the client have a ‘lot’ (pick some number) of nodes, but then provide the ability to remove specific indices before you actually process anything. This changes the problem from flushing Dynamo’s selection nodes to having the client remove indices… not that much of an improvement but it does meet the criteria of base Dynamo.

In a more customizable world I would think a workflow including the Springs and Datashapes package would be fairly clean to operate.