Delete from Project Points Generated During Calculation

When running the DoorOpeningSide Script points are generated and used to evaluate whether a door is left or right hand opening. These points are placed in the Revit model. I need to delete the points after the script has run its course as they do not seem manageable by the Revit User interface and they are visible so the user won’t be able to print.

I blogged about the Geometric reasoning the script uses here: and it relies on understanding the door orientations Unfortunately I cannot share the files as I am a new user.
The script uses the Clockwork package.

Haven’t looked at your links, but isn’t this due to the Revit preview being turned on?


Hi @Paul

@jostein_olsen is right it is due to preview on. You just need to restart your Revit to remove those points preview.

Thank you Jostein, Yest this seems to be the problem.

Thank you Kulkul, Restarting Revit did remove the points preview.