Delete Doubled up Detail Families


Some how in building a template I have doubled up my detail families…

I started looking at Dynamo to assist in deleting the double ups.
2 Questions

  1. I think Dynamo looks for instances in a project in the documents, hence not sure how to get a list of detail family types.

  2. Not sure if I can delete a family type from the document with Dynamo.

Thank you if you can help start me on the right track.


Hi Justin,

You can collect all families by using Python. Then you can filter by bool mask the duplicate ones. Good Luck!
<img src="/uploads/dynamobim/original/2X/6/67ac7e5290d34d28ef220c1f8b6f476f0ca7f345.png" width=“690” height=“376”


You can also use clockwork “All Families of category” node to get detail components families:


It might be more prudent to check only the last symbol of the family type’s name:


@Dimitar_Venkov thought about it but went with string contains because if the string (1) comes in between or in first instead of last symbol :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t we change family type to the correct one before delete.elements node?


You’re totally right. If you’re not careful and delete a family type through dynamo, all of its instances will disappear from your document. In this case, we’re dealing with a template file, so hopefully they’re yet to place any family instances :slight_smile:


@Tomasz_Puchala @Dimitar_Venkov is right he is dealing with template file :wink:


Oh, havent read carefully first post. For template it’s ok :slight_smile:


Hi All.
Thanks for all this help.
I have Dynamo 1.0 installed, Clockwork has not been updated for 1.0
I was able to replace the All Elements of Type node with the Python Script from Kulkul.
I got all the way to the last node Delete Elements, this node does not seem to be part of Dynamo, I’m guessing it is a clockwork node.
I ran out of time to install an older version of Dynmo to restart the graph.

Thanks for the help - I can see this will do exactly what I want.


Actually Tomasz_Puchala is correct.
I found out why I have a double up.
We have a drafting view that lays out all our detail families with their tags.
I imported the drafting view, this caused the double up.


Is it possible to do this with annotation symbols?