Definition Reporting Null

Hi All,

I am having an issue with a definition. I am trying to get the curve elements of a ceiling to create model lines. If a shaft or other opening is in the ceiling however, I get an error when trying to create a polycurve. I am trying to fix this by using a while loop to take each individual curve and join them until they form a closed curve. However, I cannot get the definition to give me a valid polycurve. Attached is a picture of my definition, does anyone know why this is not working?




Thanks Vikram, I really appreciate all your help.

Is there anywhere I can find what all of the little nuances like this mean?

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Hello Travis Williams,

On Learn page there is a guide for DesignScript Language, is that helpful?



Hi Ritesh,

I saw some basic walkthroughs in the pdf (that’s were I got the geometry=[Imperative] idea) but nothing that said when I should use geometry and when I should use return. It’s quite possible I missed it though. Thanks for your help.