Defining x-y orientation (similar to autocad ucs)

I’m wondering if there is a way to offset a point from a line whose start and end points always define the x direction. Hence. the resulting point will always be in the y. I would like to avoid using the geometry translate where you need to change the x and y offset direction depending on the line orientation.The offset that is applied to the midpoint will always place a point beside the line. If I were to use Autocad as an example where you can define a UCS using 2 points this is would be what I’m looking for. I have played around with a few coordinate nodes but I haven’t had any luck. I will keep going and will share a result if I get there before somebody else. Any advice would be appreciated. The first image shows a red line denoting where the point would ideally be placed after the line is rotated. The second image shows the original line orientation with an offset in the y.

Try getting the vector normal to that of the line. That seems to be all you need.


Thank you for your reply, I understand the idea although I’m not sure how to go about it.

That being said, It appears for what I need I was thinking about it too much. By simply using the curve offset tool I can offset a curve and then get the required points along this new line which is parallel to the original. The goal here was to avoid fixing the translate geometry X/Y for curves at different orientations. Curve offset does it for this specific problem.

Thanks again.

Transform coordinate system should help here.