DataShapes & Dynamo 2.0

Something strange is happening with DataShapes forms when the script is on Automatic run mode in Dynamo 2.0.

The form pops up normally the first time and has got all the elements in the dropdown list.
When I click ok (set values), the form pops up again (first strange thing) and it doesn’t have the values in the dropdown list (second strange thing). The only item in the list is ProtoCore.DSASM.StackValue:


Third strange thing is that everything works fine in manual run mode.

Anyone knows what’s going on here? I want to keep my scripts in Automatic mode.

I’m imagining that DataShapes has not been updated to 2.0. Dynamo 2.0 represents a lot of changes to how it works at its core and this is causing issues for package developers.

Thoughts @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi?

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Hi @hzamaniM54WP
@john_pierson is right! It’s still needs to be updated to 2.0. So far I gave a try to all nodes and it seemed okay but I haven’t looked at it in depth. I’ll definitely try and take time to do that soon.
In the mean time, scripts using data shapes UI should not be run on automatic mode. Have you tried running on manual?

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Thanks for the response Mostafa. They do work in manual mode. But as I said I need my scripts to be on automatic. I’ll have a look myself as well. Will let you know if I can find anything that’s causing the issue. Cheers.