Data to existing excel sheets

Hello, I am very new to Dynamo, and this is my first post on this forum.

I have been attempting to link information from Revit to an existing custom costing excel document. I have been successful in my first attempt to link one wall type to the sheet, but i realize that my method is not practical.

In Revit I have an Instance Project Parameter for walls that you may assign text indicating which item of the excel sheet the value (area for walls) will affect. I have successfully linked it to the sheet, but have realized that the list in dynamo only shows drawn items. If items are drawn out of order, it lists them out of order… and then it will input the data into the spreadsheet in the wrong row.

I am trying to wrap my head around what my next move should be… I have been looking into creating Keys that would have all of the “parameter text” in my revit template predetermined, Or somehow setting conditions where if “parameter text” = “x” then “Row Number” = “123”…

There are more or less 15 different types of walls that I would be pre-loading in the template. I am not sure what the most efficient way of doing this might be. I will also be applying this technique to various floors and other items covered in the costing document.