Data-Shapes - View result/output

I have a script setup to show the length of model lines for the length of path of travel. I can’t seem to figure out how to get Data-shapes to show me the output or result.

I know with player you just set the node to output.

You’ll have to create another MultiInputForm for that

I assumed that, I just didn’t see any nodes labeled as ‘Output’ so I was confused.

Do I need to run the watch node at the end into the input slot of a new multi ui node?

Yeh, could just plug your data into one of those forms with a null input.

Or you can use some python


import clr

from System.Windows.Forms import Form,Label

def popup(text):
	form = Form()
	form.Width = 300
	form.Height = 300	
	label = Label()
	label.Text = text
	label.Width = 300
	label.Height = 150
	label.Parent = form	
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It all depends on how you want to show the result.
A single line could use a TextBox, a list of item could use the ListView with Display mode only set to true