Make datashapes text input box size bigger

Anyone know how I’d make the text box input size bigger? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

If memory serves the MultipleInput++ nodes have a setting for window width. Try that instead. I recall the default is something like 350 units.

thanks Jacob, I’m just slightly confused how I use that node for the text box input specifically

Set this value to a larger number and you will get a larger area for the text box.


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Is there anyway to get the height of the text box bigger?

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Hi @vanman,
So far there isn’t but it could be added. Just out of curiosity, are you trying to enter a multi line text? Or just a very long string?


Hi Mostafa,

Trying to enter multi line text. It would be helpful to the user in some cases.

Did this ever become a thing? :slight_smile:

Yes it has! There’s a multi line text input now :slight_smile:


Will it be compatible with Dynamo version 1.3?
The DataShape that I’m using is 2017.6.19 coz newer versions doesn’t work with my dynamo version.