Make datashapes text input box size bigger

Anyone know how I’d make the text box input size bigger? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

If memory serves the MultipleInput++ nodes have a setting for window width. Try that instead. I recall the default is something like 350 units.

thanks Jacob, I’m just slightly confused how I use that node for the text box input specifically

Set this value to a larger number and you will get a larger area for the text box.


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Is there anyway to get the height of the text box bigger?

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Hi @vanman,
So far there isn’t but it could be added. Just out of curiosity, are you trying to enter a multi line text? Or just a very long string?


Hi Mostafa,

Trying to enter multi line text. It would be helpful to the user in some cases.

Did this ever become a thing? :slight_smile:

Yes it has! There’s a multi line text input now :slight_smile:


Will it be compatible with Dynamo version 1.3?
The DataShape that I’m using is 2017.6.19 coz newer versions doesn’t work with my dynamo version.

The multi line is great! do you know how I can make the default input have new lines?


When I typed it out correctly in the text box I got double spacing. So it does actually have the spacings but its not showing up correctly in the text box window