Data-Shapes Multi Input UI++ get list of lists


Trying to assign Finishes(actually types of floors later in my graph) to rooms.
When i select Finish 1 and some rooms for it, than select Finish 2 list of rooms remains the same, with some checked rooms. And when i press Set Values, UI closes.

So, i’m getting last selected Finsh and list of rooms for it after close:
Example: Finish1 (Room 1, Room 2).

I need this lists:
Finish1 (Room 1, Room 2)
Finish2 (Room 3, Room 4)
Finish3 (Room 5, room 6)

Thanks in advance,
Special thanks for Data-Shapes author!

With What I understood from your post is that you need the form to pop up twice to give values twice (for finish 1 and finish 2 ) and record it,

You have two inputs running once(toggle) and hence you get 2 output lists
why don’t you try giving 2 trues to toggle or n trues for n finishes.

just give it a try and let us know…!

Well, i’ll have to press Set Values 10 times (if i have 10 Finishes)?
It seems that it’s not the shortest way.