Data Shapes Modification Tracker - can I trust the output?

I did a few tests with the revit sample file, rac_basic_sample_project (Revit 2019). I changed the position of the window with ID 736330. I did not change anything else in the file. I placed the original file as the link and ran the following script, but it detects parameter changes in places which I did not modify, Is there any reason for this? Did anyone else have similar problems?

test.dyn (25.7 KB)

If you change one element in your model, all the connected elements to that may also change. For example, if you just move an internal wall inside a room, all the connected walls and also ceiling may change. It’s not the node’s problem.

I wonder why a Curtain Wall - ID 847436 of the room ‘Kitchen and Dining’ would have a changed parameter when the Window - ID 736330 of the room ‘Living’ in the model rac_basic_sample_project is moved a few inches along the wall ID - 849032 . There is no common connection that I can find…

Yes i have similar problems - it dont show the same changes ind plan and 3d on revit 2018