Changing parameters of elements in Model Groups... Again!

Based on a Topic from Ben Osborne I could work out a script to change elements on a model group. I’ve used a slightly different strategy duplicating the first group in the file, modifying a element in this group and then changing the remaining instances of the group to the new type. The issue is that what i’ve changed in the group was the location line of the walls and the groups that are updated after this have the walls with the old location lines! Even being of the same group type.
I’ve tried to change other parameter to see if the problem was in the script but that was not the case. When I ran the script modified to change the walls’ types it worked very well, changing the types for the first group and updating the remaining groups accordingly. I’ve also thought if the location line could be changed independently of the group definition, like the Mark parameter, but that’s not the case.
Is there any bugs regarding location lines and groups? Or am I doing something wrong?

PAREDES EM GRUPOS - duplica group types.dyn (35.4 KB)

Thank you in advance,

i’ve reread the OP and i think it’s not very clear (due to my poor english) so i’ve recorded a video to show the problem:

As you can see at the end I have two instances of the same groups with walls with different location lines. I didn’t even know this was possible!

I’ve tried to update this script to Dynamo 2.0 (was originally conceived in 1.3) to see if works but the result is the same. No one has a idea of what’s happening?