Data-Shapes Error

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

I’ve been using you package for a while and found this issue:

When I use the UI.SelectModelElements node, If I don’t select anything (or if I just want to exit the selection mode and press “Cancel”), the script crashes.

Is there a way to go bach to the Data-Shape interface to redo the operation?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jorge_Villarroel
sorry for the late reply, I just fixed this for all selection inputs in UI.MultipleInputForm++ . You can now press cancel or just hit the ESC button to get out of the selection mode. Please download version 2017.7.2 of the package and let me if it works for you .

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Thanks man!

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Awesome! Been thinking that would be a great feature for a while. Thanks for getting that in!

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