Data-Shapes | DirectoryPath

Data-Shapes latest build.
Revit 2019

Using the node “UI.DirecotryPath Data” returns ‘DirectoryPath’ while a string input is given.
Same setup in 1.3 no problem.

Am I missing something?

Not sure this is what you’re after, but to change the text on the button move the “test” input to the 3rd input, “Button Text.”

The input name is consistently on the left hand side of the UI aspects of the popup, and in your case has been set to be “test.”

Check the Data-Shapes popup. The button shows ‘DirectoryPath’ while looking at the node the given input is a string ‘c:’. So basicly I would expect ‘c:’ to be shown as default path rather than ‘DirectoryPath’.

In Dynamo 1.3 the default text ‘DirectoryPath’ changes to the input given.

What is shown on the button can be different from what it considers the default path behind the scenes.

If you want to change what is shown on the button, you have to feed the string into the ButtonText Input, so connect C:\ to ButtonText .