Data.ImportExcel operation failed!

Could anyone help me and tell me what is happening? this node was working perfectly. and now I use it in another PC with the same Revit and dynamo Ver. and now it’s giving me error!

Do you have Excel installed on the machine that the screenshot is from?

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You could shared your graph (dyn file) and that will enable people to help you better.

I think it’s might something related to Windows? see attached dyn. file

I have windows 10 home 64x in this computer

it was working perfect before on windows 10 professional service back 1Book1.xlsx (8.5 KB) Home.dyn (8.2 KB)

I tried your graph and it is working ok here.
Windows 10 Enterprise 64x
Revit 2019.2.1
Dynamo 2.0.2

Hello All,

after long research to understand the problem core, it’s not about Revit, or Dynamo, or Microsoft, as many people says the file works on them PC and other PCs not working, it’s all about windows NET updates

Some users suggest reinstalling Revit or Dynamo or MS office, or make some Regedit editing, and mostly people who reinstall the office the Dynamo works back perfectly and no more errors, however some still have the same issue.

the real issue is related to windows updates, reading the error in detail and research to the error related on windows support, it’s end with you need to have the below updates, or you could download it from Microsoft website for free and then it will works perfectly

  • Microsoft .NET Core Runtime - 2.0.7 (x64)

  • Microsoft NET Framework 4.8

This is was my experience, and how I solve the issue from it’s roots

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