Data from mass model to elements

This topic is more a ‘How to…?’ or ‘Best way to do…?’ question.

I’m looking for a solution to create a mass model, or a volume model, or a block model, … where I can add data (parameters) to each “volume”. This model will be linked into the ‘real’ element model and using Dynamo I want to add the data from the “volume” model to all elements that are inside that “volume”.

Using this principle it’s much easier to send information/data to all elements that belongs to the same zone. This can be usefull for phasing, quantity takeoff, …

And now the question: what do you think is the best way to set this up?

  • What are the best type of elements to create that “volume” model? Use masses, floors, …?
  • What the best way to set up the dynamo script? Link every element to his according “volume” using his coordinates? Or do a kind of clash between elements and the “volumes”? …?

And are there already similar worked out solutions which can be shared?