Data flows to here, proper number of line items but fields are blank?

So this is a part of a pretty complicated script I’m working on for pulling conduit length. We’ve learned “Conduit Runs” are not accurate, and not all of the parts are always accounted for, so here’s my Dynamo Solution for our company.

Version 1.0 worked really well, but I could only pull one Service Type at a time and get a total length in the project.
Time to make it a production version that will pull all service types and provide totals in an Excel report or some method of my choosing.

I need to make a dynamic list of Service Types, OK, no problem, I came up with this;

As you can see, the items feeding my “getparameter” is simply Conduit (Wartch node is just there because the actual input is a LONG way for these cells.) Why is the list of actual Elements Blank, even though it’s showing [30] objects in the list?

I’ll reply and attach the full script for those interested :wink:

E_Wire Lengths_V1.1.dyn (43.1 KB)

Hi Jason,

Try using “Lunchbox Get Parameter” node. If it didn’t work can you drop dummy rvt file.