Data exported from Dynamo to Excel

Has anyone formated the raw date exported out of Dynamo to Excel. I suck at Excel and just want pointed in the right direction. I have A revision schedule exported and want to combine some of the like formatting. I am sure I am in the wrong place to ask this

Revision, Sheet number, Sheet Name. then all of the comments down the same row

FE -

A1.0 Floor Plan - Comment 1
______________Comment 2
______________Comment 3

I would group the values in Dynamo and join the like sets with a String.Join node, using a new line character as the joining value. This would join matching values into a single cell. Alternatively you could transpose your data and do a check on each item in the list to see if it is the same as the item proceeding it, and if so replace the value with a few dashes or a null value (which will be a blank cell in excel), and then transpose the data again.