Multiple schedules export to Excel one list after other

Hi everyone,
as I’m new with Dynamo, just few months I’m working with it I have a problem with nodes.
ATK_DisbaZ.dyn (48.6 KB)
I attach the node but I can’t share the project because of work privacy, but I’ll try to explain my problem.

I have several schedules like this one and I would like to pic each of them, filter out what is not necessary, and list what I want to export to excel (which is the first part of the node, no probs with that).
But whan I’m exporting it results to be like this:

Instead of this

that is what I supposed to obtain.
It’s driving me mad, please help me guys.

Hi @e.cietto !
You just have to prepare your data before writing to excel.
Common operations for such tasks are Transpose, Cobine, Add item to front.
If you want more help, create 3 samples of data to be combined in excel or Dynamo. So we could test it.

can you show us the structure in this node?


Sample.dyn (41.1 KB)
Hi Vladimir,
here’s a sample with letters instead of values, but still the same problem.

Instead of:

See if you could come out with something I’m really desperate ah ah

Sure here it is

try, edited to add spaces:
Sample.dyn (60.5 KB)

Hi Vladimir,
I tried it but it didn’t write anything, and trying to read the Excel content with “read Excel” it gives me this result

Do not Read and Write from/to same files at one time.

Works perfectly thx a lot you made my day