Data Exchange - Dynamo Connector Beta


As a designer with the Autodesk Data Exchange team. I’d like to give a shoutout to our beta product Data Exchange - Dynamo Connector!

TL;DR: Exchanging data across multiple apps and disciplines has been a long-standing problem. For example, the curtain wall manufacturer only needs certain wall information, like center lines, dimensions, orientations, floor info, and fire ratings, from the architect’s Revit file, not the entire design model. Since the beta launch of Data Exchange - Dynamo Connector, it has been used by community to exchange geometry and parameters, e.g., pattern exchange for instancing (e.g. facades), and project data extraction for quantification, etc… If you have some time, watch this webinar lead by Japhy Walton (McNeel), Cesar Escalante (Autodesk), and Philippe Videau (Autodesk): food4Rhino webinar: Autodesk Data Exchange - curate and share data between GH and Dynamo where they walk through a few practical examples using Data Exchange - Dynamo and Grasshopper connectors.

You can download Data Exchange - Dynamo Connector at the link below (You need to sign in first):
Dynamo Data Exchange Connector - Beta - Data Exchange Connectors & SDK Public Beta

It supports Dynamo 2.17, Revit 2023 and Revit 2024.

If you have any feedback or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at[at]autodesk[dot]com


Will this connector be available for Civil 3D as well, or can it be ”hacked” the same way as we could do for Generative Design?

I saw also have beta on Civil 3D as well


Correct, there is a Civil 3D Beta, but you can also use the Dynamo Connectors too :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s still alive. I can’t find anything about the Civil 3D Connector when I search about it. @solamour do you have a link?

It would be in the Civil 3D beta portal if still up, but as noted the Dynamo connector works too!

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If it’s still available, it’s available on the Civil 3D beta portal, but as mentioned, the Dynamo plug-in also works!

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Thanks everyone for the replies and thank you @solamour for the promotion!
Yes, it should presumably work in the tools that support Dynamo Core, including Civil3D.

  • If inclined, you can find other Data Exchange connectors at Autodesk App Store including Data Exchange - Civil3D Connector!

  • Data Exchange is under active development as we will be rolling out connectors for more apps as we grow and mature; feel the vibe firsthand at the Data Exchange cover page including voting for new connectors!

  • It’s free as part of your ACC subscription (i.e., will not cost extra tokens).

Again, please feel free to contact us with your feedback, requests and issues!

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Ok got it.

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