Cycle through multiple inputs and recording results

Is there a way to have dynamo cycle through a series of inputs and recording each solution?

I realize this sounds dumb. But imagine a complex *dyn file that takes about 1 min to yield a result in the form of numeric values (quality score) and geometry. I would like to have dynamo cycle through one of the numeric inputs (0-1000) and run the graph 1000 times, then record the numeric outputs and maybe even a screenshot of the geometry configuration.

I have been searching through the forums for an answer to this question and I have not found one. Perhaps I am not using the correct terms

Where would the inputs be coming from (Values in Revit, Excel)?

Have you tried the start transaction and end transaction nodes? Maybe this could work for each grouping

This is exactly what the send to web feature for use in project Fractal. As an added bonus it will run all 1000 graphs faster there as well, so you won’t have to wait 1000 minutes, or 16 hours 40 minutes watching your machine pinwheel.

Have a look at it here:

Scouting around the forum, this is exactly what even I was looking for in the other post where you commented. Where by intead of (0-1000) I would have my levels as the input :slight_smile:

The problem with that is your model can’t easily be moved to the web portal of dynamo for use in project fractal - the send to web feature of dynamo is only available in Dynamo Studio, not in Dynamo for Revit nor in Dynamo Sandbox. I have a few hair-brained schemes to help move data round trip from Revit to Fractal and back to Revit, but none of them are beyond a cocktail napkin sketch so far.

The solution of going through fractal solved most of my issue (thanks!)
That said, are there any resources available for Fractal, besides the “getting started” docs?
The ability to manipulate ranges and target values is pretty limited

Can you elaborate on what you’d want?

Well, I realize Fractal is still in its early stages, but I’d like to use a numeric input for the targets (rather than changing the size of the box on the graph). I am looking for very specific values and it is hard to get the precision I’m looking for.
On the same token, the limit to 10 values is somewhat limiting.
Finally, it would be good to have more control over the ranges without having to back to dynamo and re-publishing.

So, to summarize:

  • ability to select more precise solution ranges (say… within 1%)
  • ability to expand the number of variables beyond 10
  • ability to control/expand the ranges within the fractal interface.

Thanks @Alejandro_Ogata1.

  1. Makes sense. Haven’t had a need to play with this much though.
  2. I’ve gotten around the number of variables by running in groups of ten with cross lacing, but it’s clearly a work around. See the example at the end.
  3. Controlling the ranges after upload would be a really nice addition.

Let’s say you want to generate circles with radii from near 0 to near 1000. You can’t change the variable more than 10 times as you noted, but you can change two variables 10 times each and test the cross product of each… Set up one input as the 100s value, one input as the 10s value, and one input as the 1’s value, and then run 10 tests for each with the cross product setting, and… boom 1000 circles with one button push. Would it be easier to have the input allow 0-1000 and run 1000 tests? Yeah, but this gets me the result anyway. Here it is in real life: