Cycle script via many views



I am trying to find a way that Dynamo will run for me this script for all views, I could generate lsit of view but now sure how :

  • set view, true, false - set view, true, false - set view, true, false etc…



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You can get all the project views in quite a few ways. For example Clockwork’s “Document.Views” gets you all the views as a single list and’s “Get All Views” gets you the views sorted by type, so that you can filter only the types of view you need.

this is just example …I need to find a way of running sth multiple times from list with one click …


Well in that case, the easiest approach would be to compartmentalize your work-flow down to a single custom node that takes a single view input.Then map that CN to the list of views …

Dimitar, I am not sure I understand would be possible to see some simple example?

Hi Michael,

What exactly do you need help with? Could you be more specific? You can find more info on custom nodes here:

Once you have your custom node, you can use it as a function on a lists of views with the help of “List.Map”. You can find more info on that here:

Here is simple example

I am trying to tag walls at each views from SIM sub-group… currently I need to change view and run it and then one by one. This is because I am selecting all walls per level to tag. I can extract Level from me view so I could optimize this to select only view and not level but this is not solving my issue. I hope that this is now clear. Let me know if you need more explanation.


What I was trying to explain to you is that if you can make a workflow work for a single input, you can wrap it into a custom node and use on it like so for a list of inputs:

Nowadays, you don’t even need if you properly define the input type as a single object:

Here’s the content of the custom node. Notice the " : var" part:

Of course with some proper list management, you wouldn’t need to bother with custom nodes at all: