Create Plan/RCP Views from a list

I need to create multiple Plan and RCPs for each level of a project - and I’ve created a script that does what I need, but it seems inefficient to me. I have a little collection of nodes that creates a list of levels, and then 5 almost identical groups of nodes that create plan views, and another 5 almost identical group of nodes that create RCPs. I am very new to programming; a more efficient method is probably obvious to the more experienced. If anyone has a moment to take a look, and make suggestions, your advice will be greatly appreciated.

The script I made is here:


Do you know how to use lacing @cprettyman ?

No - I’ve played with it as I’ve worked my way through some tutorials, but have not really gotten it yet.

I would develop a workflow where you read a xls/csv with info about the view you want to make then a definition to execute that list.

There is an unfinished messy draft attached if you want to try to complete it. Dynamo-MakeViewsFromCSV.dyn (56.5 KB)


That’s awesome, thank you so much.