List of Views

Hi , How can I create a list of all the views in a project ??
I would like to filter them next and apply values to parameters and batch export them.

I was trying something like that and I get error, I run out of ideas. The error says “Warning: ElementQueries.OfElementType operation failed.
View cannot be a template view”


would you paste a larger screenshot?

Selection of Views is still buggy. you should find a custom node for this (views selection) in Clockwork package.

Sorry for the size. I was trying to connect simply “Element type”->Select ALL elements of type and it didn’t work. I will try the Clockwork package.

My goal is to export selected views to STL format. The question is, if there exists such node that enables me to export to STL ?

in the “file menu” you find the command “Export Model to STL”

There’s no such node in Clockwork. Konrad made a node for it, though. Should be in package

Bug is filed here:

If you need to export just a few select views, it might be easier to point to them using the “Views” node and combine them into a list. Alternatively you can use the “Get All Views” from the archi-lab package like the others suggested, but that means you may need to further filter out the views you’re after.


Thanks for all the replies. It helps me a lot.


I can export geometry created in Dynamo to STL, but can I export filtered views to STL ?