Cutting wall with void

Hello everyone

I am working on a project for my studies but i am stuck at the final step (i think so). I want to create void openings for windows in Revit. Unfortunately Element.Cutgeometry doesnt work although i can cut wall and opening manually in Revit. I would be grateful for any hint how to solve my problem. I have read this topics:

and tried to follow advice given in them but without success. Void family i created has checked “Cut with voids when loaded”. I would upload my files but new users are not allowed to do so.

Hi i think you need to use Element instead of Geometry(Solid).


You, dear Sir, are absolutely right. I am so grateful that i cannot express my gratefulness.

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I am doing something similar but instead of placing a window void I want to place an outlet void. This seems like a great script that is right along the lines of what I want to do but when I run this graph it doesn’t work for me. I am trying to troubleshoot and one of the differences is the element I am selecting. What element are you selecting in the “Select Model Element-WINDOW” node?


I selected window (select element in dynamo and click on element in Revit) wchich was regular solid with window category. Now the model in Revit has wall-based windows and dynamo project is changed to select all windows and walls. It works so far.

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