Cutting Walls With Void Object Family


Hey guys,

I thought this should be really simple but have gotten stuck, any help is appreciated!

I am trying to build a tool that will cut multiple holes in walls (rough openings) using families of void objects that I have created.

I tried to follow a few examples and came up with this but it doesn’t seem to do anything!

Home.dyn (8.2 KB)

This is the cutting void

Rough Openings.rfa (436 KB)


Hi Nolan,

  1. You don’t need the wall’s geometry. the “host” required to place the family on needs to be a Revit element.
  2. The placement point for the family is on the surface of the wall. So select Face and use “point at parameter” to convert surface UV to a global XYZ point.

Not sure how you can get your family to actually cut the wall though.

Home.dyn (9.4 KB)



Element.CutGeometry (Clockwork)