Cutting parts off a Floor using dynamo

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I have a question regarding cutting parts off a floor in Dynamo.

Basically what I want to do is the following:

The Big-Volume presenting my Floor, which I created in Dynamo. I now want to cut out a piece from it. I havent found a solution on the forums. Is there a way to do it?

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I believe once a floor is created, all you can do to edit it is created “openings” in it with curve loops.

Maybe start here:

If I were to do this in the UI, I would likely place a hosted family which cut the void out of the floor - I believe there are options for the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node to have the geometry be a void, so that is something you may want to review.

Unfortunately editing the floor loops doesn’t allow you to “notch” the geometry.

However, using @JacobSmall’s logic you can do this with spring nodes and clockwork. (I did have a little fun with the “notching” that I used.)

The workflow in Dynamo:

The Result in Revit:

And some sample files if anyone else wanted to have a go with it.
GenerateVoidFamily.dyn (24.7 KB) VoidFloorWithFamily.rvt (532 KB)


@john_pierson This does get the Job done indeed! Really great job! :slight_smile:

But what I noticed is, it only works once. If I want to repeat it, I have to use another value for the “notch” run it again, delete the volumes, set the “right” value again and run it again.

I think it is because it needs to rewrite the VoidSample??

Is there a way to kinda reset it right after it was used? So I can run it over and over again?

Thank you very much so far :slight_smile:

If you use Dynamo Player to run the script you will not have problems with element binding. However, you would need to generate a unique void name to avoid overwriting the previous one.

This is your biggest issue here for multiple runs, as element binding can be circumvented in a few ways.

Try adding the date/time as one method, or the element ID of the hosting floor.

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