Cut a floor category by model line

Hi everyone,
I am new to dynamo, trying to cut selected floor (floor has different subelements, it is not flat) by model line, I created basic script like in picture. There are no errors when I run the process, but the floor does not appear to be divided.
I have already used void category to shape the floor from the buttom, but i need to split the floor on two.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.
Thank you

You’ll need to create the element that actually cuts the floor first.
Right now you’re saying that the lines should cut the floor, but they can’t do such thing. The node asks for an actual element that can do the procedure.
Think of it as how you would normally do it, this node is the cut geometry node where you selected the element that cuts and then the element to be cut.

Use the a Floor Opening instead and give it the floorinstance element and the geometry of the selected modellines.

Spring Nodes package has a node such as Opening.InFloorByCurves.

From my experience, the easiest would be to make the floor into topography first so you wouldn’t lose floor shape edit points. Then you could make a copy of the floor do the necessary amendments and use the topography shape as a reference to get the previous shape. Hope that helps. I was doing something similar a while ago so I got a rough script for that! Try to see if that works for ya

Have you tried using the Revit’s native ‘parts’ features? It sounds a lot like you are trying to reinvent a feature Revit already does.