Cutting a solid

Hi all,

I have generated a solid and I am trying to trim the solid generated to develop a skewed section.

The solid was generated from lofted curves, the reason for this approach is that the cross sections (will) vary in profile.

I have tried to trim the shape by cutting using a solid generated from a surface in the XZ plane. seems to have done something. I am trying to lose the smaller wedge and retain the remainder the bulk of the solid

Any ideas how to achieve the trimed solid.

Definition attached Cill_beam_type_2_Rev_A.dyn (50.7 KB)

Tough and steep learning curve.

Have you tried Solid.Difference? That worked for me.

Solid difference seems to work if you have the right geometry. I generated a XZ plane from which I obtained a surface then generated a solid by using solid difference I got the screenshot.

I was hoping to use the surface as an XZ cutting plane, my original screenshot has a slither which is a 50mm thick solid difference.

The section I am trying to remove is a wedge shape. Using solid difference I think I will need to use more exact geometry which is time consuming. I am thinking about how I would do it in grasshopper and the XZ plane can be used as a cutting plane, which is awesome.

The following image shows the solid difference generated when the thickness is 600mm, I lose a section of what I am trying to retain

Quite tricky in dynamo

DOC180817-18082017142427.pdf (69.9 KB)

Nick solved it with a solid difference, put a boolean toggle in the surface thicken reversed the sign and managed to get what I was after. Not that straight forward. Took ages.

Hi Kenyon,

Could you share your solution please?
Many thanks.

Hi Marcin, I’ll need to dig it out it’s been a while. I do need to get a dynamo licence, but should be able to get the definition to you.