Customized PDF filenaming

To all, this is just a query. I have search the forum if there is a way to create a pdf from sheets with customized filename so far what i can find was create pdf using archi-lab package and rename the pdfs created afterwards. There are too many links, topics etc to attached here.

I do not have graph made or scripts made. I simply asking if someone out there can tell me is this possible straight from dynamo (one step process). I do not know if i will be wasting my time for something that cannot be done.

Some of you may in the past has already investigate this and may be able to give me a positive answer.

Thanks for your time…

Yes, that’s possible. There are plug-ins like RTV Tools for example that already take advantage of that. Cheers!

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Thanks for that Konrad. I will see if I can do it thru dynamo.

Here’s a tip: