Custom Node List.CountOccurances from Clockwork 0.90.2


Having moved to Revit 2016 as a host and upgraded Dynamo to I am now having an issue with the Clockwork Custom Node List.CountOccurances. If I drill a little deeper and examine the node itself I find the Code Block throwing a warning:

“Warning: Method ‘GroupByKey()’ not found”

Since I’m one of those who tries to use Dynamo as a tool that allows me to dip my toes into programming without a full comprehension of a whole lot of the nuance, I’d appreciate any help in getting this little issue sorted.



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Hi Bill,

You need to use clockwork 0.9 package for Dynamo version 0.9. See Image below.


Sorry, I thought it would be clear from the title. It is the 0.9 package that’s giving me the problem.


Sorry, i didn’t look at your title. Can you just explain what are you trying to achieve with this node or may be drop a screenshot of your graph here.


Make the insides of the node look like the second image below.




another way


Thanks to all …

John, solution #1 did the trick.


[caption id=“attachment_33676” align=“alignleft” width=“806”]

Super useful tip! Helped me to create this definition to Parse Revit Warnings (Excel File)[/caption]