Custom Node List.CountOccurances from Clockwork 0.90.2

Having moved to Revit 2016 as a host and upgraded Dynamo to I am now having an issue with the Clockwork Custom Node List.CountOccurances. If I drill a little deeper and examine the node itself I find the Code Block throwing a warning:

“Warning: Method ‘GroupByKey()’ not found”

Since I’m one of those who tries to use Dynamo as a tool that allows me to dip my toes into programming without a full comprehension of a whole lot of the nuance, I’d appreciate any help in getting this little issue sorted.



Hi Bill,

You need to use clockwork 0.9 package for Dynamo version 0.9. See Image below.

Sorry, I thought it would be clear from the title. It is the 0.9 package that’s giving me the problem.

Sorry, i didn’t look at your title. Can you just explain what are you trying to achieve with this node or may be drop a screenshot of your graph here.

Make the insides of the node look like the second image below.



another way

Thanks to all …

John, solution #1 did the trick.

[caption id=“attachment_33676” align=“alignleft” width=“806”]

Super useful tip! Helped me to create this definition to Parse Revit Warnings (Excel File)[/caption]