Package name for these nodes?


Does these nodes somebody use regularly? what is the name of package?


i use dynamo 2.0.4. i have clockwork, but there not these kind of nodes

The Package Name is Clockwork
Make sure you use a version of Clockwork that is compatible with Dynamo 2.04, not a newer one where those nodes may be deprecated

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there are nodes on gidhub? can i just copy paste them? …ok i will check

These nodes are OOTB :

Dynamo 2.6

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Oh no … so i am doomed to die! is there a way to get the python codes?
so that i can ducktape them, at least.

somewhere here?

You can find the code of these nodes on the Dynamo Github. (in C#)


i got it

I’d recommend going with this instead (Incase of updates): DynamoRevit/Group.cs at master · DynamoDS/DynamoRevit · GitHub

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