Curved roof


I want to automatically turn the roof into a multi-surface, what node should I use?



loft, sweep, or import from rhino


See also Geometry for Computational Design here:


Thank you for your reply

I try to show the code first(But I do not want the second block), how can I become what I want?!

Please advise


You’re going to want to investigate Dynashape from @LongNguyen. Installer Here -> DynaShape

and here is a video demonstrating this

and the graph I used
Dynashape-InflateRevitRoof.dyn (36.8 KB)

Optimized roof

Nice quick example John. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for @john_pierson and @LongNguyen reply,That’s what I need

But I found a problem with the installation
I tried using the installer

try using manual method
There are still problems, do not know where the problem, please advise, thank you


Hi, Please try this new installer for version here


I follow the steps of your code
But in the last part of this link is wrong
Please advise
Thank you未命名


What version of Dynamo do you have?


I use dynamo 1.3


So I had a TeamViewer session with @helen60932111PLHPF yesterday and we were able to fix the issue. It was just that the ViewExtensionDefinition XML file was not set up correctly.


Dear Long,
I would like to achieve the vortex-shape shown in the image with DyndShape to determine the true minimal surface area and I am completely stuck. The surface boundaries (sections) are an ellipse and a circle. (the surface generated in the script is just an indication/sketch of what I am trying to build with DynaShape) Any idea how to start this with an ellipse/circle-based surface boundary?
many thanks in advance

Vortex-Surface.dyn (81.5 KB)


Here is my approach.

  1. Create a loft surface from the two sections (circle and ellipse)
  2. Turn the loft surface into a mesh
  3. For each edge mesh, create a Length goal with TargetLength value 0
  4. Don’t forget to create Anchor goals for the mesh vertices that lie on the ellipse and Circle as well
  5. Run the solver and the Length goals shall shrink the mesh to give you an approximation of the minimal surface

Hope you will get it working.




Many thanks for the swift reply! I will give it a go!

best regards