Create a roof with a bent ridge

He, im trying to create a roof with a bent ridge. I cant do it in Revit…so i try to get a result with dynamo.

In a family document i have created to forms, to get surfaces to dynamo.

The problem is, that the upper surface needs to be realy small to get a real roof.
But if i decrease the upper surface. The roof gets “destroyed” like in the following picture:

Is there a better way to get a roof with a bent ridge?
Here a my docs:
roof.rfa (652 KB)
roof.dyn (9.7 KB)

@Fiesta Not sure as to why you aren’t creating geometry in Dynamo, instead of selecting faces.
In any case, see if this works for you …
roof1.dyn (17.2 KB)

Thats very good Vikram! Thank you.

Well…i didn’t know how to create the bent surface in the middle of the rectangle footprint. Thats why i created the surface in revit;)

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Another option you could explore is modeling the roof as an actual roof element and then adding a void cut to the ridge. You could even generate the void instance with Dynamo using the FamilyType.ByGeometry node

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sorry Vikram, i set the upper surface with 1mm wide and now the solid don’t gets correct imported to revit.

Any idea whats wrong?

@Dimitar_Venkov, thx for your help, but the upper surface of the ridge must be realy small…like 1mm

You’re most likely hitting Revit’s built in curve length limit. Try lengthening the width of the ridge to something like 3+ mm

Now i get a Warning message in Dynamo:

!! Warning: Revit can not import part of the geometry.
This can be due to different problems with the source file. Adjust the geometry in the file and retry the import.

I think even 3mm are too small:(

They will be so in reality anyway, I think :wink:

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The export to Revit don’t work correct. The vertical faces are not exported. Even if i set the wide of the upper surface to 10cm.

If you build the geometry in Dynamo, you can have an upper edge, rather than an upper surface and the geometry can be imported to Revit.
CurvedRidge.dyn (59.0 KB)


CurvedRidge.rfa (340 KB)


Thank you Vikram!

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