"Curve Pipe" in dynamo

I am new to Dynamo. I am now using the Curve Pipe node from Geometry and worked out a trial in this way.

However, it cannot create one in my revit project. I have tried “Import Instance”, but the instance imported into project contains no information.

How can I import it into my revit project as pipe system?

While I’m not sure if you’re doing things right, I’ll just try to respond to your query…

I’m not 100% sure, but pipes are only straight segments, so basically you cannot create such a shape. You need pipe fitting.

Hi Annie,

@Tomasz_Puchala is right you can’t create Pipe arc shape. Pipes are straight. If your looking to create pipes using dynamo check out this topic Creating pipe from CAD file

Thanks all, I just want to try this node in my project. I understand it is not available for our life.
Thanks @Kulkul I will look into it and try it out.

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