Curve.FromLine behaving strangely

Hey @john_pierson,

I just noticed a strange behaviour from Curve.FromLine node in Rhythm. See screenshot attached.

This part of script is supposed to get the floor sketch and turn them into Dynamo curves. However the Curve.FromLine fails to convert arcs to Dynamo curves. It just turns it into a straight line connecting start and end point of the arc.

Yeah, “Curve.FromLine” Will not convert anything that has a radius to it to a line. All that node is doing is getting the start and end point of the Line and using those endpoints for “Polycurve.ThroughPoints”.

I also wanted to point out that a line by definition would not result in an arc shape.,-lines,-planes-and-angles/an-introduction-to-geometry

That being said, there may be other ways to convert an arc to a curve.

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Hi @hzamaniM54WP

Use Curve.Approximatewith Arc and LineSegments node.


I put the blame on Dynamo for twisting the meaning of “curve” which can be a line by mathematical definition in Dynamo :smiley: It sort of conditioned my mind to expect an arc from your node. Cheers for the answer John.

Just wondering what happened to this node? curve.fromline does not seem to appear in the latest package. Can anyone tell me what package version this was last available in?

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