Is there a way to convert line to curve?


how can i covert lines to curves?

A Line is a type of Curve, so that shouldn’t be the issue. It also says the level input expects an element but was called with a string.



i got it from here

it looks right

I’ve seen this question here a few times

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yes i followed them it does not work… :wink: @Marcel_Rijsmus


obviously not the post i saw, let me check

@Marcel_Rijsmus , @Nick_Boyts

here what i try

PyWallToLayer.dyn (58.4 KB)

apparently i forgot that the method i had in mind, stopped working in Dynamo 2.12


yes …

i got this


Check the level input - you appear to be proving a string instead of a level element.


@jacob.small ,

how can you know that when dynamo is complaning about the geometry :slight_smile:

the level was uncorrect and the typename was not set correct

As @Nick_Boyts noted, a line is a type of Curve - it has object inheritance of all things curve. Plus I can confirm they work for this node.

However a String is not a Level, and it doesn’t inherit the class so you might as well be giving the node an antelope.

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Amigo @Draxl_Andreas buenas. quite enoying to use the correct type of element but every object must have his own type of propertys i think, here is an alternative that i use, to change betwen types of curves!!

Line to Polycurve.dyn (12.1 KB)

@gilberto.arechigaiba ,

it was to late yesterday… today i have a clear view to the topic… i had just the wrong datatype. The script works well right now. :wink: