CurtainSystemByFace example and help needed

Hello Everyone, I have created a mass using FamilyInstance.ByGeometry from SpringNodes and extracted the faces from it. Now I want to use these faces for curtain system. For that I am trying CurtainSystem.ByFace from Clockwork package. I couldn’t understand what input it requires for ‘CurtainSystemType’. I can get something using Element Types(CurtainSystemType) and All Element Of Type(TheElementID), but that doesn’t seem to be working. HELP

Okay, so somehow I managed to create curtain system. BUT the problem is that every time I update my mass(from FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node) it creates a new curtain system on top of the previous one. I am unable to get rid of it. Isn’t it possible to create and use Dynamo Geometry and its faces to create CurtainSystem.ByFace? That node needs a Mass face, always?

I am also interested in a solution.

However, it depends on the form you are creating. I found that if you use wallByCurve, then it updates with no problems. However, if the wall has a profile, then this approach is not ok.

If someone can shed some light on the problem that would be great.



#Abhijeet, how did you get the create “CurtainSystem.ByFace” node to work? I am not able to extract the type of curtain system I want to use. HELP!

Hello Brian, To get “CurtainSystem.ByFace” working you need to first take your Geometry into Revit as mass and then extract its Faces to create curtain system. Also, you need to select the curtain system type that you want to use. Have attached the image for your reference. Do let me know if it works for you.

Thank you! Works like a charm.