Creating CurtainSystems trough DirectShape



Hi, guys. I am doing some research about creating CurtainSystems automatically recently. I try to create curtainsystem trough DirectShape. It seems worked as the output of node “CurtainSystem.Byface” shows that I have create a CurtainSystem. But the CurtainSystem doesn’t show up.!

I want to know if the CurtainSystem has been created by this way ?
And If not,then is there any means to create CurtainSystems or Curtainwalls by profile curves?


Hi @Hover

Is this what you’re looking for?



Another possible way…


Thank you for your reply. I was suppose to create CurtainSystem or CurtainWall based on the facade shape or face (It may be based the shape of the wall opening and I’m sorry for my unclear expression of “profile curves”) in Project environment not in Family environment. Because I think it’s might be familiar for architect to design CurtainWall in facade.

The node of CurtainSystem.Byface can create CurtainSystem by Mass’ face in Project environment. So I was trying to input DirectShape to Project environment as a “Mass”. You can notice that I had built the CurtainSystem in Dynamo but it didn’t show up in Revit, which means there is something wrong with the node or my workflow.


Yeah, this is the workflow I’m looking for. Thank you so much!:grin: