CurtainPanel.Boundaries in dynamo python

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how in dynamo python we can replicate the ‘CurtainPanel.Boundaries’ dynamo node?
This one:

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

Hi @george importing the Dynamo nodes into Python will do it:

import clr

import DSCore
from DSCore import *

cPanel = IN[0]

pCurve = cPanel.Boundaries

OUT = pCurve
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Hi @tradelie ,

Thank you very much for the quick help!
Why didn’t we unwrap the IN[0] input? Because when I do that, then the an error: no Boundaries property exists is raised:

cPanel = UnwrapElement(IN[0])

pCurve = cPanel.Boundaries  # raises an error: 'no Boundaries property exists'

@george When you unwrap an element, it is meant to be a Revit object, but since the Boundaries is a replica of the CurtainPanel.Boundaries node, this node is “unwrapping the Revit element”, so the error is some sort of unwrapping twice the element:

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Thank you once again @tradelie.
So I I wanted to use a Revit CurtainPanel element (with UnwrapElement(IN[0])), there there is no way of getting its boundary curve?
The boundary curve can only be extracted from DesignScript (dynamo) element?

@george most probably yes, a curtain panel, in the Revit API, has no such property, to my knowledge, thanks to Dynamo, this is possible through the node you mentioned.


Thank you for the help once again. And sorry for all these additional questions.

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