Extracting curtain panel boundaries - Issues & Workarounds

Hi all,

I’ve currently been experiencing two issues with extracting curtain panel boundaries using Dynamo. Please see images attached.

My Dynamo workflow for placing adaptive components in summary is : select the curtainwall > get boundaries as polycurves > get points from poly curve > filter for correct number of points > place correct adaptive component by points.

Note : I am using the LunchBox package to extract curtain wall boundaries as polycurves.

Both issue seems to be related to curtain wall grid lines that are deleted in order to host a window or door. However the intersection of this deleted grid line is still retained within the curtain wall and returns excess points ( this is issue #1).

Issue #2 is related to running the script while doors and windows are hosted to a curtain wall, the script fails to extract points for any curtain wall panels, subsequently failing.

Above are some of the workarounds I’ve been using but are more of a “hack” approach rather than an understanding of the why this is happening. Any insight into this matter is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Seems I can only upload one image per post, hence the multiple posts! :confused:

Thank you!

There was a similar discussion here:

Hi Dimitrar,

Thanks for the solution to Issue#1 :grin:, I had tried the springnodes Curve.Simplify before but was making the silly mistake of not joining the curves again to make them into Polycurves! :sweat_smile:

Works perfectly!

Any suggestions for issue #2? You will note that I had to remove all the doors and windows in the script before I ran it else CurtainPanel.Boundaries node fails when trying to extract PolyCurves.