Curtain walls as Room boundaries

See attached image please. Room boundaries node does not consider the curtain walls (Storefront) created/hosted inside a basic wall!!
Please any way to detect this kind of curtain walls that bound a specific Room?

Can you attach rvt file?

Hello sir,
please find attached the Revit file (Revit 2017.1).
How you can help me .Thank you

Curtain is hosted to the wall so it’s not show in Room.Boundaries.

i’m not sure why i the file that i uploaded doesn’t appear. however the model is very simple. hope this attached gif works.
if you use Room boundaries with this model it will detect only 4 walls and it will ignore the curtain wall witch is At the bottom

So please any node that can detect the elements where curtain walls are hosted ?

This is normal behavior as the wall that hosts the curtain wall is actually what’s room bounding, not the curtain wall. Best bet (short of replacing them with a window) would be to get the hosted elements from the bounding walls, and then confirm that they are within a given distance of the room geometry (say the thickness of its host).

Or use a basic wall in the curtain wall instead of your panels

Dear @JacobSmall, yes technically it’s a normal behavior but practically it’s not a good one. As you can see in the 3D the curtain wall cover 90% of that facade, yet it’s still not considered as room boundary because it’s “hosted”…any way…
Please could you clarify your above solution or is there a clean solution such as a node able to detect the host element for curtain walls same as the one for windows/rooms

Try the node, which I think is in the clockwork package (I’ve got the laptop unplugged for the weekend so I can’t confirm this for you).

no this node it does not work with the case of curtain walls. for windows hosted in walls yes :frowning:

Best bet may be to get all curtain wall location lines find the distance to the room.

May also be able to add a room calculation point to the curtain panels and use that to find the room each panel is in.

May be its will help you?



Hello, can you please tell in what package I can find the node “Room.InsertsOfBoundaries”? Thank you