Curtain System: show all curtain panels individually flat with geometry

In Revit, I have a Curtain System (System Panel: Glazed with fixed distance spacing 4x8) on a mass surface. My Curtain System consists of 23 curtain panels as shown. Now I want to prepare a fabrication drawing showing all these 23 panels listed individually flat with their dimensions, angles and area. Is this possible using Dynamo ? and how? Can anyone help me? Thanks guys!

I’d look at what Zach Kron has done in this area. He had the beginnings of a couple solutions that you might be able to adapt to this.

Can you share a URL to that? I searched “Zach Kron” in this forum but did not see anything elucidating the OP’s challenge.

Sure -

Idea: Get each panels’ geometry and use that to create 2D drafting.

This archi-lab blog post may be of interest:
create views and place on sheets with dynamo

It isn’t exactly what you are asking- but this is more of an analysis/visualisation of curtain panels (height, width, area, panel type, level etc)
Trying to get away from putting everything on a sheet of paper or an electronic sheet of paper…

It is from my blog post


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