Curtain Panel Query Issue

The simplicity of this issue is the reason I’m having an issue troubleshooting.

When I am selecting a curtain wall trying to query every panel in the wall (two node process), every panel is coming in at slight angle.

I am trying to query the overall profile of the wall, by creating an overall mass with the sum of panels.

Regardless, The issue is simply:

the panel geometry is being understood by dynamo as angled, therefore every panel is disconnected. In revit however, these panels are obviously flat…

Has anyone seen this before?

the images below are the CW queried, and the resulting geometry in dynamo… I’m baffled…


Hmm I haven’t seen this before but its kind of difficult to figure out whats going on just from the images - would you please share a sample .rvt file containing a curtain wall/panels that is producing this output?

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logging on a day later, it seems as if the issue no longer exists… weird. If it happens again, I’ll post it on this thread