Curtain panel geometry

i am trying to extract curtain panels geometries

to now my results are:

as my panels are built from generic models, does it mean i have to go down to the subelements for geometry?


Hey, Peter.

I would assume you can use the builtin nodes for Curtain panels?



Peter, if you’re working with nested shared families that may very well be the case. I just added FamilyInstance.SubComponents and FamilyInstance.SuperComponent to package Clockwork - give it a try.

Andreas, thank youfor providing your node!

it is almost working.

almost, as it only returns the subelements of the first instance in a list :wink:

the other elements return empty lists

Works fine on my end. Are all of those family instances of the same family type? Are you sure they all contain shared nested families?

Andreas thanks for caring!

i actually got a lot of empty lists for the same family type. still keeps me wondering. it is maybe nested families in the instances. i will have to check the model.

the python itself is flawless

tx peter