Dimension Curtain Panel

I am trying to dimension a single curtain panel. I have a curtain panel isolated, by using the select model element. I initially tried to use the reference planes in the curtain panel family to dimension to, the Left and Right planes, and the Top and Bottom planes. using the GeniusLoci Node FamilyInstance Reference ByRefPlane, I found that there are no reference planes in the curtain panel instance. So how would I go about dimensioning a curtain panel? Is there a way to get the curtain grids that are the bounding elements of the curtain panel? Can I use the PolyCurve that is the boundary of the panel to dimension? Any help on how to advance this is appreciated.

Hi @mrensing,

Did you try with the CurtainWall Vertical / Horizontal References nodes ?
They allow dimensioning in relation to the curtain grid of the curtain wall.

I can get the host curtain wall, and all the curtain grids, but can’t find the grids that are associated to the curtain panel.

You can dimension curtain wall like this but I think that’s not what you want to do.

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Hello Alban. That is at least what I need! :slight_smile: May I Ask you, what are you selecting in the first node (Select Model Elements")?


You must specify the location where to place the dimensions. (it can be model lines, detail lines or an offset of the curtain panel wall)

Alright, thank you so much!