CSV.WriteToFile Node Help

can anyone provide an example of the data structure for this node. I have three lists of the same length, essentially x,y,z coords, that I would like to be output to csv with the format list1[i],list2[i],list3[i] and a new line for each coordinate. I have tried every combo of nested and unnested lists I can think of to throw into this node but cannot get the output I need.

thank you for any help

Please add a screenshot of your graph (use Dropbox or similar if you can’t directly).
See also first what comes out of the search tool:

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I did use the search and none of those threads provide any insight on the list structure required for the data input into the CSV.WriteToFile node. Also note you searched for importing csv that is not at all what I am asking for here.

This is a general question as to what the node needs in the form of the data structure to take 3 lists, list1[0…i] list2[0…i] list3[0…i], and provide output of:


Please use your keywords in the search tools and try something that you can show, that’s all I wanted to say:
Here are also useful advice:

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Thank you for the link that answers my question and now that I know the dictionary exists potentially several other questions.